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Preferred Electric Inc
We pride ourselves on adhering to old-fashioned values. We are concerned not only with offering the best in electrical and telecommunications services but also with the relationship that grows from our first meeting. Think of us as your resource to help you meet all of your goals now and in the future. We view our clients as an extension of the PEI family. We are always on call to meet your needs and willing to talk about your concerns. We value the relationship we build with you; that is what separates us from our competitors.
  • We are dedicated to sincere relationships with our clients through a collaborative approach to project planning and implementation.
  • We respond to project changes in a professional and timely manner to ensure project up time.
  • We are a competitive organization that implements the latest technologies in transporting power from the utility company to the end user.
  • We will always maintain our competitive edge in the electrical and telecommunications industries with a commitment to continued education and productivity gains.
  • We offer an economical, value-added approach as a part of our clients' project planning team and we will be a resource to fulfill all requirements while staying within project timelines and budget.