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Preferred Electric Inc

Properly maintaining your facility's electrical systems has never been more important. Preferred Electric, Inc will provide you with maintenance technicians experienced with today's sophisticated equipment. We recommend performing periodic preventative maintenance programs for all of your critical systems. From your main power distribution switchgear to variable frequency drives, proper inspection, cleaning, and repair is necessary for maintaining the integrity of your electrical system. Let Preferred provide you with a cost-effective and value-added Building Services Agreement.

Whether your needs are as basic as parking lot lamp replacement or as intricate as maintaining your critical power data center, we can provide cost effective solutions. We provide emergency service around the clock and will respond in less than 2 hours to get you back on line.

To assist with your space planning needs, Preferred can provide the necessary CAD services and coordination for your ever-changing work place furniture power and tele/data requirements, as well as your entire telecommunications network.